Betsson offers more

Customers of the bookmaker Betsson is a mobile can bet for the Wimbledon games. On the tennis court is again soon about who is the best tennis players and the match to decide for itself. Customers can the thrill of the largest sports tournament even more exciting make equal to two risk free bets for the tournaments.

Customers should lose their risk-free bet, you will be reimbursed in accordance with your money. But if you win, you could have your Wimbledon experience even more exciting and even make profits.
So that customers can obtain the risk-free live betting

to the risk free bet to secure, customers must be on the Action page of the provider Betsson login. The notification must be made even before the LORD finale on 10. July 2016 takes place. Customers have for obtaining a risk-free live bet yet The second action week, which the 4. July to 10. July. In this period of time is it possible for the customer to with a deposit of 30 euros, a further risk-free live bet.

The action is on 10. July 2016 at 15:00 ends. Each sales, before a timely notification, can not be used. For this action can only be accepted payments which, 4. July to 10. July 2016 were made. The risk-free mobile bet may only in such a case be approved. If these sales customer requirements, you will see a risk-free mobile bet, which add up to a value of 10 Euro.

Further to Betsson Action

The action is per customer, IP address and budget is only valid once. It can also be used only by players in Germany or Poland life. Customers can be a risk free mobile live bet if you save in the Week of Action 4. July 2016 to 10. July to 15:00 30 euro charge to your betting account. The risk-free mobile bets can only be used from the mobile phone and are up to the final of the Mr final valid. To this risk-free mobile bet, you must however, customers have enough money on your Player Account, by the whole amount of the mobile bet to be covered.

When customers see the mobile risk-free bet is a bet, you must select the blue box in the betting slip button after you have made your selection. The risk-free mobile bet must be designated by Customer as a whole in a betting slip can be used. When customers see the mobile bet, you lose the amount reimbursed by the bookmaker. This is done without the use of the sales conditions. In the case of profit, customers need to the bonus amount once to implement minimum rates of 1.50 before the bonus expires.


ComeOn offers Bonus Special

In ComeOn is time again for the survivor action, which is to say the least about survival. At least for the survival in relation to bet. Customers can in this way a share of the 25,000 Euro prize pool. To do this you must to 21 days rule fair bets and fulfill the rules of participation.

The action takes place in two phases: the qualification phase and the daily betting phase. Customer must have a daily bet of at least Euro 5, which at a minimum rate of 2.00. “survive” customers 21 days, you will receive a share of the 25,000 Euro prize pool.

The action of ComeOn overview

customer can be connected to the action of the bookmaker ComeOn attend if you daily a bet and “survival” as the name of the action suggested. In the period from 4. July to 10. July, customers will need to supply a qualifying bet of at least 5 Euro to a minimum quota of 2.00. You must then in the action period from 11. July to 31. July daily a bet which rule should be fair to pay. Customers can now set to 21 days rule just bet, you have a guaranteed right to the distribution and a share of the 25,000 Euro prize pool. Read the full bonus review under: www.sportwetten-online.com/bester-bonus/comeon-bonus

For some customers may be unusual, daily a bet. To comply with the terms and conditions it is mandatory. Your stand can be found in the leader board track which is updated daily. If you can manage and placed a bet on a daily basis, customers can good chances of survival and calculate with a share of the prize pool is expected.

Further rules of action

it is important that customers for this action day a bet, the rule is fair. This means that the bet must be a minimum of 5 Euro grasp and to a minimum quota of 2.00. From the 4. Up to 11. July is di9e Quali phase. Here you have a regular customers bet to qualify. In the period from 11. Up to 31. July 2016, customers must then every day a regular bet to the further participation. This must be with the bet to a minimum of 5 Euro and a minimum quota of 2.00.

Customers that your bets via cash out exit, awarded for the participation in the action, because these bets not to meet the conditions of participation. The same is true for the smaller system bets, these figures also not to action. The prize money will be paid as a free credit. Customer must have this with a minimum quota of 1.50 before cashing out. The amount of credit is at 1. August 2016 at 18:00. The bookmaker ComeOn reserves the right at any time and without prior notice. action to stop.